The Croft

The Croft was built circa 1936/37 by C.S Hobbs locally known as Jack.

Jack had previously been a commercial traveller who decided to settle in Corryong and buy the Upper Murray Stores.

The store was originally opened in 1886 by Waldemaar Dyring (Wal!!) , a Dane and former businessman of Tallangatta .

The store changed hands several times over the years until Jack came along and he kept the business in his family for several decades.

The Upper Murray Stores is remembered fondly by locals,  as a trip to Albury was a once a year event for most people and would require a fair bit of planning. Not every family owned a car and the road was unsealed all the way through the mountains and well populated by kangaroos and other wildlife, the journey would take a good few hours.

The Upper Murray stores was a one stop shop for the locals and during the fifties it was a booming time with the construction of the Snowy Hydro scheme in full swing.

One local lady especially remembers the drapery department and the enormous roll of brown paper suspended on a huge reel that the shop assistants used to wrap all the purchases and then tie up with string. Other departments included ballgowns and evening wear, menswear, groceries, hardware and even an instore butchery which was located at the back of the store with a small window into the shop where the butcher could pass goods through.

The original store still operates as Corryongs’ supermarket and hardware store…. But no ballgown and eveningwear department!


$180 Off Peak

$240 Peak

**Pet Friendly**


A home away from home..

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